Chee Siok Chin to police: Produce evidence or retract statement

The allegation made by the police that I had “tried to bite a female police officer when the
latter tried to arrest her” and that I had “attack(ed)” her is a serious one. It is also a lie.

The statement made it look as if I had resisted arrest by trying to bite one of the police officers as they were leading me to the police van. The numerous clips that have been posted on the Internet have proven that this never took place.

The press statement issued by the police is malicious. Its intent is obvious.

If the police have evidence that I had attacked or even attempted to attack an officer, then they should produce it.

Otherwise they must retract the slanderous and scandalous statement, failing which I shall consider taking action against them.

Chee Siok Chin
CEC Member
Singapore Democratic Party

Monkey see, monkey do

In 2007 Mr Tian Chua, Chief Information Officer of the Parti KeAdilan Rakyat was also accused of biting an officer when he was arrested during a protest in Malaysia. Mr Chua, now a member of parliament, documented the lie in his blog.

Now it is the Singapore police’s turn to fabricate such lies to demonise protesters.

Police (back)biting by Tian Chua

This young man who claimed to be a police officer alleged that I bit him on his arm.

Later I discovered in a video record that he actually hit my head while I was being forcefully taken by the police.

It is most ridiculous that I could be accused of assaulting anyone under those circumstances.

I am amazed that the BN propaganda machine could spin such an incredible story to defame me.

The NST (New Straits Times, Dec 12) not only reported this unverified story [so did the Straits Times and Channel News Asia on Ms Chee Siok Chin], it even carried the issue of biting in the headlines of the front page.

I have no hatred towards ordinary policemen and women. Despite many unhappy incidents, I hold no grudges against the police force.

In fact, I deeply sympathize with the predicament faced by my fellow-citizens in uniform.

The mass arrest at Parliament on December 11 last week was shameful for all rational thinking Malaysians.

Razak Ismail and I, who arrived at the entrance to Parliament at about 10:30hr, were the first to be arrested. Our arrest was recorded on video by many people.