Lies from the police

The media statement put out by the police today demonstrates again that there is no level to which they will not stoop in order to cover up the fact that they are used by the PAP for political purposes.

“Police alerted by members of public”

Does it expect the public to believe that they only acted on our protest yesterday because they “received calls members of the public”?

It is clear that plainclothes police officers were in the background monitoring and videotaping the protest activity right from the very beginning. (See photos A and B)

Besides the SDP had made an application for the protest two-and-a-half months ago on 28 Dec 07 and announced that we would proceed with the protest.

But the police expects us to buy their line that they were tipped off by members of the public about our protest.

Given such a scenario, the police are either lying or showing extreme incompetence. We concede that it is difficult to tell which is more predominant given the recent fiasco over the Mas Selamat escape.

Chee Siok Chin tried to bite officer

The police statement also said that “one of the protesters, Chee Siok Chin had tried to bite a female police officer when the latter tried to arrest her” and described her action as an “attack” on the police.

This is a complete lie. At no time did Ms Chee do anything of such a nature. There are photographs showing Ms Chee being led away by officers and it is clear that she remained calm and carried herself with dignity (See Photo C).

In addition, the police were videotaping the arrests. If they have evidence of Ms Chee attempting to bite or attack anyone, please produce it.

It is clear that the police are trying to demonise the only female protester who was arrested. Ms Chee has shown great courage and fortitude, and will remain an inspiration to many who want to see freedom and justice in Singapore.

Laws equal to all

The police say that “our laws apply equally to all.” If our laws really apply equally to all then just answer one simple question: CASE can, SDP cannot. Why?

Other instances of police lies

The shenanigan, fabrications and lies concocted by the police are not restricted to yesterday’s event.

In the on-going trial where Dr Chee Soon Juan is charged for speaking without a permit, police witnesses took the stand and contradicted each other regarding a set of erroneously labelled set of photographs that were tended as evidence. (See here)

Sgt Lam Thien Chang from the Jurong Police Division even admitted that he lied to an SDP member that he was not a police officer when he was confronted. (See here)

In a previous trial, ASP Jeremy Koh was found to be present in the courtroom while his fellow officers were testifying. Mr Koh was also caught going in and out of the room where police witnesses are kept. (See here)

In 2006, officials from the Home Affairs Ministry initially denied that Dr Chee’s prison food tray was marked. After being confronted with the fact, the officials withdrew their lie. (See here)

Police credibility at an all-time low

With the debacle over Mr Mas Selamat where the police would have Singaporeans believe that the ISA detainee escaped from under their noses without producing any video evidence, the credibility of the Singapore Police Force is sinking, and sinking very rapidly.

In an age where videos and photographs are disseminated quickly and widely on the Internet it is reckless for the police, obviously operating under instructions from the PAP, to propagate such flagrant lies.

The Singapore Democrats warn that when the police lose public respect and credibility, it is very difficult to get it back. When that happens, society will suffer.

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