Seizure of phones breach of rights: Ravi writes to police

17 March 2008

Central Police Station
Police Cantonment Complex Block A
391 New Bridge Road
Singapore 088762

Investigation Officer: Mr. Yew Ai Choo

Dear Sirs,

Arrest of protesters outside Parliament House on 15 March 2008

We act for the following twelve people who were arrested for protesting outside the Parliament house on 15th March 2008 during the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day :-

1. Chong Kai Xiong
2. John Tan
3. Shafiee
4. Yap Keng Ho
5. Gandhi Ambalam
6. Jeffrey George
7. Chee Siok Chin
8. Sylvester Lim
9. Mohammad Jufrie
10. Seelan Palay
11. Chia Ti Lik
12. Chee Soon Juan

We have been informed by our clients that you confiscated their handphones.

We do not understand the rationale for your unprecedented action. This has caused turmoil in our clients’ business as well as their day to day activities. We regard this as a serious breach of our clients’ civil rights.

Please note that if you do not release our clients’ handphones to them within the next 48 hours, we are instructed to take the appropriate action in recovery of the same.

Kindly revert soonest possible.

Yours faithfully,
M Ravi & Co

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