Ravi urges AG’s Chambers to return cell phones

17 April 2008

Attorney-General’s Chambers
1 Coleman Street
#10-00 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
via FAX: 6339 0286

Dear Sirs,

Arrests of Protesters outside the Parliament House on 15th March 2008


1. We refer to the above matter.

2. We enclose a self-explanatory letter dated 11th April 2008 addressed to the police to which we have received no reply.

3. We had sent a previous letter to the police dated 17th March 2008, to which we received a reply dated 9th April 2008, copies of which are enclosed.

4. You will note that the penultimate paragraph of our letter dated 11th April 2008 requested a response from the police by 4 p.m., 14 April 2008. That deadline passes without any reply or acknowledgement being received from the Police within the period specified or at all.

5. Our letter had indicated that in the absence of a response by 4 p.m. on 14th April 2008, we were instructed to commence proceedings. We have however been given to understand from certain of our clients that when they visited the Attorney-General’s Chambers, they were informed by a representative of the Attorney-General that your office would be communicating with our firm in this matter. We look forward to receiving that communication.

6. In the meantime, our clients have instructed us to place on record that they have made and now reiterate a formal demand for the return of their property from the police namely, the mobile phones, seized more than a month ago, on 15th March 2008.

7. We are further instructed to place on record that in the case of certain of our clients, they have legitimate concerns that the wrongful detention by the Police of their mobile phones, has caused and is continuing to cause serious inconvenience with a potential for financial loss. We reserve all our clients’ rights in the regard.

8. We are authorised to accept delivery of our clients’ mobile phones at our office.

Yours faithfully,
M Ravi