SDP to take Tak Boleh Tahan! campaign to HDB heartlands

Following the protest outside Parliament House on 15 Mar 08, the Singapore Democrats is ready to take the Tak Boleh Tahan! campaign to HDB housing estates to win the support of the people.

Starting with Toa Payoh on May Day, the SDP will spread the message of the PAP’s continued exploitation of workers in Singapore.

We will campaign against the bloated Minister’s salaries and the shrinking pay packets of Singaporeans, a sign of the income disparity in the country.

HDB residents will also be told of the use of foreign talent by the Government to suppress wages in order to increase profits for its GLCs, profits which are then amassed and used for secretive and questionable investments overseas.

People will be reminded that much of the rising cost of living is due to PAP policies such as the raising of GST and other price hikes of Goverment services and goods. The profiteering of the HDB is one case in point.

While it is true that increases in some of the items are due to global phenomena, the PAP Government has unnecessarily added to the people’s misery and hardship through its exploitative policies.

In must be pointed out that Singapore’s economy is one of the most centrally-planned in the world. As such, the Government must not be allowed to hoodwink the people by fobbing off price increases on global phenomena.

The people must come together and tell the PAP in one loud and unmistakable voice: “Tak Boleh Tahan!”

Come 1 May 08 (next Thursday), the Singapore Democrats will be at Toa Payoh Central to encourage citizens to support the campaign. Join us then, won’t you?

The details of the event will be announced on this website in the next few days.

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