Sign Wong Kan Seng resignation petition at Toa Payoh

Singapore Democrats

There’s an added incentive for Singaporeans to make their way down to Toa Payoh Central on Thursday. Apart from the Tak Boleh Tahan! petition, we’re conducting another signature campaign calling for Mr Womg Kan Seng’s resignation.

In a poll conducted a few days ago on this website a whopping 91.1 percent of the 537 votes indicated that Mr Wong should resign. Only 6.5 percent said no (see here).

It is clear that Mr Wong should resign. It is also clear that he is not going to.

What’s more, he has not been held accountable in any manner big or small. In one of the biggest debacles in Singapore’s history, the one person most responsible for it has gotten away absolutely scot-free. There’s not even the traditional slap on the wrist.

The Minister Mentor even has the cheek to chide Singaporeans for their complacency over the matter. How he makes the connection no one knows. But one thing is obvious, he wants attention diverted away from the Government, in particular, Mr Wong Kan Seng.

In paying the Ministers the kind of heart-stopping salaries that they insist upon, these so-called super-talents must be held to the highest standards. It follows, of course, that when they are found wanting they must be also be dealt with commensurately.

But there is no resignation, no demotion, no fine, no cut in pay, not even a censure. Nothing.

This is not meritocracy. What it really is is a small clique of people at the very top protecting their own interests and ensuring that they remain unanswerable to anyone else. They want power but they don’t accept responsibility. They boast about their prowess but when they fail, they wriggle out every which way they can.

Singaporeans are outraged that every one in this country is held accountable for their actions, everyone that is except those within the inner circle of the PAP.

So if you want to register your displeasure at the unaccountability of Mr Wong Kan Seng, come down to Toa Payoh Central on Thursday, 1 May, and sign the petition.

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