Tak Boleh Tahan! T-shirts and buttons on sale on May Day

Singapore Democrats

Come down to Toa Payoh Central on Thursday and get your Tak Boleh Tahan! T-shirts for $12 and buttons for $2. We have had many requests to purchase these items since our protest outside Parliament House on 15 Mar 08.

The revenue generated from the sales will be used for future campaign purposes. So come and support our campaign against the rising cost of living in Singapore.

While inflation may be a global phenomenon, the Government has done little to ease the burden of the ordinary people.

In fact some of its policies are the main cause of the horrendous rise in prices. The raising of the GST from 3 to 5 to 7 percent, the mushrooming of the number of ERP gantries, the escalation of land prices are just some examples.

The Government then said that it was “pleasantly” surprised at the collection of $6 billion in taxes and revenue last year, putting the spin that it was through good governance that brought about the windfall. There is nothing good about such governance. There is only state greed.

We know you are hurting, Singaporeans, and that you are absolutely sick and tired of being kicked around by the PAP. But if you choose to cower in fear, nothing will change and the PAP will continue to lord over you.

Remember, the ministers are there to serve the people. But they have cleverly used their positions to intimidate the people and have abused their power for their self-serving needs.

We also know that you want to do something about this. Well, you can.

Come to Toa Payoh Central on Thursday, 1 May, and support our campaign. We want to energise the people to bring about the change that all of us want to see.

The people must realise that we are not powerless. We must discover that we, as a people, have the ability to bring about democratic change. We must believe in ourselves.

You can start by buying the T-shirts and wearing them to help spread the message. Pin on the buttons and let Singaporeans know that it is game on!

There are also other T-shirt designs to choose from. The two best selling ones are: “I love Singapore, it’s the PAP I can’t stand!” and “Singapore Democrat – and proud of it!”

There are many reasons for you to make your way down to Toa Payoh and absolutely none to miss it: Sign the petition, grab a balloon, chat with the organisers and helpers, help pass out flyers, go on house-to-house visits with us, etc. So bring along your family and friends.

Whatever you do, don’t just stay home. Come and be a part of history, a part of the change that is underway. It is said that the mightiest army cannot stop an idea whose time has come. Democracy is that idea whose time has come.

Times are a-changing and we, the opposition, are changing too. We are moving forward with right in our hearts and fire in our bellies. Your support in such times is crucial.

We’ll be there from 11 am to 6 pm. We’ll keep the light on (in our hearts) for you.

Don’t let Singapore down.

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