The Singapore Shame

While they dine on fish flown fresh from Japan













…what do you think these people eat?

And while Lee Hsien Loong pays himself more than $10,000 a day, these folks don’t know where their next meal is going to come from.

Then he raises the GST, makes water & electricity more expensive, increases healthcare costs, and raked in $6 billion in taxes and revenue last year.



The Government opens the floodgates and indiscriminately lets in cheap foreign labour to suppress local wages, using the vulnerable to make the vulnerable even more vulnerable.

And while we are, by far, the highest savers in the world we end up with little or no savings for our retirement. Where did all our CPF money go?


Poverty in a country where ministers demand million-dollar salaries sickens the soul. And while Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter-in-law, Ho Ching, loses billions of dollars of our money in investments overseas and is never held accountable, life for these people grind on in misery.

Many people ask why God allows such injustice to take place. Don’t blame God. He didn’t allow this. We did. We allowed the PAP to strike fear into our hearts and greed into our minds.




But we also have the power to change things. We have the power to stop the Singapore Shame. We have the power that we don’t yet realise.

We need to discover that power. We need to overcome our fear of the PAP and find the courage to step forward and speak up.


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