Davinder Singh’s letter to Chee Soon Juan and Chee Siok Chin

13 May 2008

Dear Sirs,

1. In an article entitled “SDP, Chee hearing delayed another two weeks” published in the 13 May 2008 edition of the TODAY newspaper, the following is reported:

Dr Chee, Ms Chee and SDP] wanted the Lees’ application to strike out their affidavits to also be heard before the public. This was denied. Instead, this matter will be heard in chambers on May 22.

If successful, the application would mean the defendants would have to rely more heavily on the cross-examination of the Lees for their case, said Mr Ravi.

But we were told there will be latitude to cross-examine. At least, that gave us more confidence in our case,” he said after proceedings were adjourned at about 6pm.

2. The underlined words are incorrect. At no time did the Honourable Justice Belinda Ang tell anyone that “there will be latitude to cross-examine”.

Yours faithfully,
Drew & Napier LLC

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