Snippets from today’s hearing

Why Uncles and Aunties at the Court Hearing Today

They were speaking in dialects and were mostly senior citizens, but they were at the front of the queue eagerly waiting to occupy the seats at the public gallery of the high court where the hearing of defamation claims by Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Lee Hsien Loong against the Singapore Democratic Party and two of its leaders was to take place.

When the open court hearing began in the afternoon today, these uncles and aunties made their way quickly to take up all the available seats, depriving many interested individuals who wanted to witness the cross-examination of Mr Lee Hsien Loong by the defence lawyer, Mr Ravi, and Dr Chee Soon Juan. (The public gallery can sit about 50 people.)

It transpired later that these elderly citizens were mainly from PAP grassroots organizations such as the Residents Committees, Citizens Consultative Committees and Management Committees of Community Clubs. This was apparent as Mr Lee Hsien Loong made his way to the courtroom and these aunties and uncles stood in awe and paid their respect to the Prime Minister. Tired of the long hours and not understanding what was going on, a few of them were overheard grumbling that it was such a waste of their time.

For those who are interested in witnessing the cross-examination of Mr Lee by Dr Chee tomorrow they might wish to make their way to the high court well before 10 in the morning ahead of the PAP aunties and uncles!