Breaking news: Gopalan Nair arrested

Former Workers’ Party candidate Mr Gopalan Nair has been arrested for challenging the judicial system in Singapore.

Mr Nair, who ran in the 1988 and 1991 general elections, had posted on his blog ( articles which criticised Mr Lee Kuan Yew for using the legal system to achieve his (Mr Lee’s) political ends.

The postings were in response to Mr Lee’s statement in court last Tuesday that he would take action against any blogger for making defamatory remarks if they could be identified.

Mr Nair openly challenged the Government to arrest him, even giving the name of the hotel he was staying in and his room number.

The SDP understands that Mr Nair was arested yesterday evening at about 9 pm.

A former Singaporean, Mr Nair is now a US citizen residing in the state of California. He left Singapore soon after the elections to escape persecution. He returns to Singapore on a regular basis.

Mr Nair has been critical of the PAP Government and has expressed a desire to be closer to home to effect political changes.

This website with update readers on the developing story. Please check back.

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