Breaking News: Gopalan Nair to face sedition charges

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats have received information that Mr Gopalan Nair will be appearing in the Subordinate Court 23 tomorrow (Thursday, 5 May) at 9 am to face new charges under the sedition act.

Nair, a former Singaporean now an American, has been in police custody since Saturday night when police raided his hotel. On Monday, he was charged with “insulting a public servant” based on two emails he allegedly sent to the Attorney General and the Solicitor General, which Nair denied. However, he did not deny that he had written strong criticisms of the Singapore establishment on his blog.

Although bail was initially set, it was withdrawn on the Deputy Public Prosecutor’s request to allow police time to further explore the possibility of pinning more charges on the accused. Were it not for the current development, Nair was to be remanded till next Monday.

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