Letter of solidarity from CALD

Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD)

Dear Dr. Chee Soon Juan and Ms. Chee Siok Chin,

We have been following your court trials and we feel really saddened by the unfortunate turn of events that transpired early this week.

However, even on the onset we believe we will not lose the battle whatever the outcome of the trial will be. We know you are both fighting for the cause of democracy and true freedom in Singapore. We understand your heart for your country and countrymen. Though reputation, money and even lives are at stake, courage cannot be tainted by mere mockery and injustice. We are proud of you both standing by your principles and deep-seeded conviction of hope and holding on to the promises of true democracy.

We applaud your steadfast commitment and courage in the face of such intense bamboozling by the organs of state – and by Lee Kuan Yew himself. We stand by you and the whole Singapore Democratic Party in spirit and solidarity.

We’ll keep the flame of democracy burning.

The CALD Secretariat

Letter from Secretary-General of CALD

Dear Soon Juan and Siok Chin:

I write you from McGill University in Montreal where I am a visiting scholar for a few weeks.

I have been following the events of the last two weeks and wish to personally send you my expression of sympathy – and solidarity. You are valiant and truly courageous – a real inspiration to us all. I noted the Herald Tribune’s front page on your showdown with Lee Kuan Yew and read it with great pride.

We salute you; in the face of such state repression, you have allowed the light of reason and courage to shine through.

With every good wish,

Rep. Dr Neric Acosta

Singapore Democratic Party is the current Chair of CALD and Dr Chee Soon Juan is its chairman.

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