Lee Kuan Yew & Zimbawe’s Mugabe

“Singapore’s laws must be decided by Singaporeans, not by foreigners like Gopalan Nair, who is a U.S. citizen, or by the foreign media. Foreign media are entitled to report and comment on what is happening in Singapore, but they circulate here subject to Singapore law. They have no right to defame, to give a skewed account of court proceedings, or to engage in Singapore politics, for example, by campaigning for their version of Western style “democracy” for Singapore.” (Letter to Wall Street Journal regarding Democracy in Singapore)

LKY’s Press Secretary, Mdm YY Yeong

“They can shout as loud as they like from Washington or from London or from any other quarter. Our people, our people, only our people will decide and nobody else,” he said.” (as reported by BBC)

Robert Mugabe, Zimbawean despot
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