Tak Boleh Tahan! campaign goes to Bishan

The Tak Boleh Tahan! campaign rolls into Bishan estate this Sunday, 6 Jul 08. SDP members , activists, and supporters will be at the Bishan North Shopping Mall in the vicinity of Block 282, Street 22 from 8.30 to 11:30 am.

We’ll be distributing flyers to raise awareness about the campaign and to encourage Singaporeans to stand up for their own rights.

Citizens all over the world are demanding their governments to do something about the escalating cost of living. In Singapore, people have been intimidated by the PAP into silence even as the Government raises the GST, increases ERP rates, jacks up medical fees and elevates electricity rates. We, as citizens, have the right to demand that the PAP stops this profiteering.

We will continue to highlight the plight of fixed-income earners saddled with the ever-increasing cost of living.So don your TBT t-shirts if you have one and join as at Bishan this Sunday. If you don’t have one, come on down and get it and help us with the campaign!

Come and get to know the activists who have been so courageous in standing up for what all of you believe in.

Come and share our aspirations for a better, more caring and democratic Singapore!

Come and be a part of the change that is taking place.

Don’t fear change, embrace it. Don’t resist change, encourage it. Change is progress, change is hope.

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