More Singaporeans join in TBT campaign

Singapore Democrats

The continuing campaign at Bishan housing estate this morning attracted more Singaporeans who came to lend their support and assistance. At least six people, mostly in the 20s and 30s, came up to the Singapore Democrats and indicated that they wished to help in the effort.

Residents of Bishan also got a taste of the Tak Boleh Tahan! message as the group went around the coffee shops to hand out flyers and sell other party publications. Many indicated surprise over the enormous sums the ministers were paying themselves.

“Read and see how much the ministers pay themselves while they keep jacking up your cost of living!” announced the helpers.

“Yah, all they want us to do is to pay and pay!” replied one coffee-shop patron.

The campaign is picking up steam on two fronts: More and more young Singaporeans are stepping forward to help the SDP and, as a result, the TBT message is spreading farther and wider.

The SDP has been focusing its efforts in Toa Payoh housing estate and the surrounding areas. We’ll press on. Come on, Singaporeans, there’s a mountain to climb!