More charges against activists

Singapore Democrats

Apart from the 18 individuals who have been charged with participating in an assembly and procession without permit, some of the activists have been charged with a further count of conducting a procession along Orchard Road on 16 Sept 07.

Mr Gandhi Ambalam, Mr John Tan, Ms Chee Siok Chin, Mr Chong Kai Xiong, and Mr Charles Tan Teck Wee were marking the first anniversary of the WB-IMF meeting protest. This event coincided with Dr Chee’s imprisonment for attempting to leave the country without a permit.

Mr Yap Keng Ho is also one of those charged together with the five even though he was clearly not part of the group. He was walking together with other individuals who have not been charged for the walk.

In addition, Ms Chee is charged with another count of using criminal force on a female police officer when she was arrested on 15 Mar 08 under Section 353 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224.The charge is obviously a politically motivated one to make SDP leader out to be a violent individual when she has all along believed and practiced Nonviolence.

It is clear from the video footage that when she was first arrested, Ms Chee was peaceful and willingly walked to the police vehicle without any struggle. In fact, Ms Chee could be heard shouting in pain that the women officers were hurting her fingers.

These charges will also be read out in Sub-Court 23 tomorrow at 9 am. Supporters are encouraged to attend the court mention and to wear red, our national colour that symbolises unity and equality, and thereafter a breakfast meeting with the activists.

The activists will issue a brief statement following their appearance in court.

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