Congratulations to JBJ and the Reform Party

Singapore Democrats

The recently formed Reform Party, led by Mr J B Jeyaretnam, held its inauguration dinner last night. Several opposition parties, including the Singapore Democrats, were present to help celebrate the occasion.

Mr Jeyaretnam delivered the keynote address and called on Singaporeans to help in the effort to reform and liberate Singapore’s political system.

“Walk with me,” the 82-year-old opposition leader called out to Singaporeans. “I don’t have many years left.”

Mr Jeyaretnam has been championing the cause of democracy sich the for nearly 40 years. His trials and tribulations have been many. But his passion and desire for justice and freedom for Singapore has remain undiminished.

The Singapore Democrats stands ready to work with anyone, including the Reform Party, to bring about a new era free of PAP domination and oppression, an era of genuine progress and shared prosperity.

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