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As announced previously, the Singapore Democrats will conduct a series of online policy discussions in the various aspects of society in Singapore. We will do this on our forum which we have just added to our website (see below).

We would like to invite all of you to join in this discussion which is the first of its kind in Singapore. We do this because we believe that you, the people, are our biggest asset and that we can better tap this resource by listening to and talking with our fellow citizens.

Unlike the PAP which thinks that it and only it knows what’s best for Singapore, the Singapore Democrats aims to harness the ideas and energy of our fellow citizens. A weak electorate is a weak SDP. Conversely, a gutsy and well-informed populace will lead to an SDP that can and will make meaningful inroads into our nation’s political landscape.

So please join us for this historical discussion following which your ideas and views will be reviewed, and where appropriate incorporated into the party’s manifesto to be presented to the people in time for the next elections.

Yes, it will be a manifesto by Singaporeans for Singaporeans.

This is how it will work:

  • We will present a few positional papers in separate threads in the forum on various subjects such as National Service, the transportation system, the economy, and so on. (A separate board will be set aside for general discussions and chit-chat.)
  • These papers will be kept brief in order to avoid crimping the discussion with preconceived ideas and to encourage a wide-ranging discussion on the subject.
  • We will keep the discussion open for approximately one month depending on the number and enthusiasm of the discussants. This will also cater for those who join the forum at a later stage.
  • Following the close of the discussion another set of papers on other subject areas will be posted and so on over the next few months until all the important areas are covered.
  • These discussions will then be summarized and all significant views taken on board. The party will then do a review and write-up a policy that will fit in with the SDP’s philosophical and political framework.
  • The separate policies will then be put together to form the party’s manifesto which will be used for the next general elections.

We intend to put forward positional papers in the following areas for discussion in no particular order of importance (we will start with the first three):

  1. National Service
  2. Land transport
  3. Wealth and poverty
  4. Economic system
  5. CPF and social security
  6. Health care
  7. Media and Internet
  8. Education and schools
  9. Elections and political system
  10. Arts
  11. Foreign relations

Please note

To post your messages click on the Register button on the top right corner of the forum page and then follow the instructions. If you just wish to read the discussion click on the appropriate subject board.

While we very much encourage you to participate in the discussions by posting your views and suggestions, please observe the following guidelines so that the forum can be meaningful for everyone:

1. Refrain from spamming or making multiple posts of the same message.
2. Respect the views of others and don’t resort to name-calling or personal attacks.
3. Resist making gratuitous profane remarks.
4. Restrict your postings to the topics at hand. Discussions of other subject areas can be done in the Kopitiam board. Thank you.

So get your keyboards ready, set…click here.

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