Chee asks for meeting with Law Society

Michael Hwang SC

Michael Hwang SC

Mr Michael Hwang SC
Law Society of Singapore

Dear Sir,

A group of activists, in which I am one, visited the Law Society of Singapore (LSS) last Wednesday, 14 July 2008. You probably know that we have been charged with taking part in an assembly and procession om 15 March 2008.

You may also know that I am presently in the midst of a trial in which I and another activist have been charged for speaking in public without a permit.

Mr Chia Ti Lik presented a letter to you for and on our behalf in which we asserted our rights as citizens of Singapore in the exercise of our freedoms of speech and assembly as guaranteed in our Constitution.

Mr Shawn Toh was present to receive the letter whereupon he assured us that he would hand the letter to you. I also requested Mr Toh to convey our wish to meet with you over this and other related matters.

I note that in various publications, both in print and on the Internet, that you have spoken cogently on the matter of civil and political rights in Singapore, and the need for Singaporean lawyers to pay more attention to such cases.

I further note that under your leadership, the LSS has established the Public and International Law Committee to study human rights in Singapore and how they are applied.

Needless to say, such a view and initiative are most welcome for those of us advocating and working for greater political freedom in Singapore.

With these charges that my associates and I are facing, we hope to discuss with you how the LSS can assist in our matters as well as for the Society to play a more constructive and forward looking role in the matter of civil liberties of Singaporeans.

To date we have not heard from you regarding our request to meet with you but we are hopeful that you will reply soon.

As this matter is of great interest to Singaporeans, I hope you will understand if I make it available to the general public.

Thank you and best wishes.

Chee Soon Juan