TBT campaign continues to grow, police step in

Singapore Democrats

In an obviously desperate and confused move, the police are even cautioning the Singapore Democrats about gathering in public to distribute flyers and doing walk-abouts.

Towards the end of the session this afternoon where TBT activists were at Toa Payoh Central to meet with residents and shoppers, the police approached the group and asked if there was a permit for the activity.

The officer informed the campaigners that any gathering of more than five persons is considered illegal under the Miscellaneous Offences Act.

We say confused because the police had said in May this year that the TBT activity conducted on May Day also at Toa Payoh Central (which was exactly the same as the one held today) was legal.

If such an activity is illegal then all political parties should be prosecuted, not just the Singapore Democrats.

It is clear that the PAP is getting increasingly concerned about the growing number of TBT campaigners coming on board and, more important, the message that is being sent out to residents of Toa Payoh-Bishan GRC: that Singaporeans Tak Boleh Tahan! the cost of living and increasing poverty in this country. The Democrats have been visiting the constituency in the past few months.

Many stopped to chat with the activists, expressing their dissatisfaction with the PAP. One was heard saying: “Yah, really tak boleh tahan Government man!” Another, an elderly man who walked past the TBT table, shouted: “Everything censored!”

One aunty asked if anyone was coming to contest in Toa Payoh for the next elections. She said in Mandarin: “So many years and we don’t have a chance to vote!” Since the GRC scheme was introduced Toa Payoh, headed by the much-criticised Mr Wong Kan Seng, has not been challenged.

Several came up to buy Dr Chee Soon Juan’s books and signed up for future TBT activities.

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