Online policy discussion continued: Economy, CPF and Healthcare

Singapore Democrats

We have just completed the first round of discussions over National Service, Land Transport, and and Wealth & Poverty. We want to thank all of you who participated and contributed your ideas.

We have closed the discussion for these topics. We will study your comments and proposals and, where feasible, incorporate them into our policies when we formulate our manifesto. We will do this when all the discussion topics have been presented.

We introduce a new tranche of policy areas: the Economic System, CPF System and Healthcare for debate. Again, we have kept our presentation brief so that we can encourage a wide range of views and input from you.

For those of you who are new to this online discussion, we bid you a warm welcome. For more information about what we’re doing in this exercise click here. The forum is easy to use and the participation is just a click away. So come in and help shape the people’s alternative to the PAP. Click here.


To post your messages click on the Register button on the top right corner of the forum page and then follow the instructions. If you just wish to read the discussion and not post any messages, click on the appropriate subject board.

While we very much encourage you to participate in the discussions by posting your views and suggestions, please observe the following guidelines so that the forum can be meaningful for everyone:

1. Refrain from spamming or making multiple posts of the same message.
2. Respect the views of others and don’t resort to name-calling or personal attacks.
3. Resist making gratuitous profane remarks.
4. Restrict your postings to the topics at hand. Discussions of other subject areas can be done in the Kopitiam board. Thank you.

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