SDP calls on activists not to exploit Ravi’s situation

The Singapore Democrats are concerned about the arrest and prosecution of Mr M Ravi yesterday. There is no escaping the fact that Mr Ravi needs medical attention and rest to recuperate.

Mr Ravi is a capable lawyer with a heart of gold. He is a compassionate individual who looks out for the little guy. He campaigned rigorously against the death penalty in Singapore when it was still unfashionable to do so. He has also discharged his duties as counsel for the SDP admirably and in a manner expected of a lawyer of the highest professionalism and dedication.

Mr Ravi stepped into the breach to help the SDP defend itself against Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Lee Hsien Loong in the recent hearing when few lawyers were willing to do so. He held his own against the Lees’ lawyer, Mr Davinder Singh, and refused to be rail-roaded. Mr Ravi is a one-man legal firm while Mr Singh is the chief of Drew & Napier, a law firm of more than 150 lawyers. In that hearing Mr Ravi applied himself with distinction.

The Singapore Democrats wish to record our thanks to Mr Ravi.

What Mr Ravi needs presently is rest and medical care. In this light, we call on the authorities to view this matter in perspective and we hope that Mr Ravi will be treated appropriately.

We also call on activist bloggers to refrain from exploiting this matter by posting inaccurate statements about Mr Ravi’s situation and stoking sentiment against the authorities, including the police.

The Singapore Democrats will not be deterred from speaking out when our law enforcement agencies detract from their rightful duty and protect the interests of the ruling party instead of the public’s. But we will also not hesitate to caution against misguided actions and statements of individuals that inaccurately and unnecessarily portray the police in a negative light.

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