Burmese activists demonstrate at Singapore Embassy in UK

A group of about 30 Burmese activists in the United Kingdom held a demonstration on the 29 Aug 08 in front of the Singapore Embassy. The demonstrators were members and supporters of Burma’s Kachin National Organisation.

The group called for the Singapore government to stop its human rights abuses on Burmese people in Singapore, and to stop supporting the Burmese junta through its commercial and diplomatic dealings.

Earlier this month, Singapore’s immigration office rejected visa extensions of four Burmese to stay on in Singapore after their participation in various pro-democracy activities during the Asean summit held in Singapore last November.

Five or persons gathered in public in Singapore is illegal. Activists gathered outside the Burmese embassy in Singapore last year in a rare protest. Several of the Singaporean participants under investigation by the police and may be charged for illegal assembly.

The Singapore Government is one of the biggest investors in Burma. There is evidence that Singapore exports arms and ammunition the the military and has businesses tied to narco-traffickers in Burma. 


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