Judge disallows Nair from calling witnesses; Ravi out of IMH

Lawyer M Ravi

Lawyer M Ravi

Lawyer G Nair

Lawyer G Nair

Singapore Democrats

Judge Kan Ting Chiu did not allow Mr Gopalan Nair to call witnesses in his defence in which he is charged for “insulting” High Court Judge Belinda Ang. Mr Nair had criticised Judge Ang for her conduct during the hearing between Mr Lee Kuan Yew and the SDP.

The blogger, a former Singaporean who is now a US citizen, had wanted to call Dr Chee Soon Juan, Ms Chee Siok Chin, and other people who were present in the courtroom during the defamation hearing in May this year to appear as his witnesses.

But Judge Kan ruled that there was no necessity for the defendant to call them as Mr Nair’s observations of Judge Belinda Ang was not disputed.

The Judge asked parties to make closing submissions tomorrow but did not indicate when he would give the verdict. The hearing will resume at 10 am in Court 5C at the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile in the Subordinate Courts yesterday, a district judge ordered the release of Mr M Ravi who has been remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for the past one month.

Mr Ravi maintained that under the Criminal Procedure Code, the police did not have the power to keep him in remand for more than one month. He was ordered to return on 15 Dec 08 to report on his condition and to see if he can take a plea on his charge.

He walked out of court in the late afternoon after posting bail of $10,000. He was assisted by lawyers Ms Violet Netto and Mr Chia Ti Lik.