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The Board of Films Censors (BFC) has completed vetting seven short films produced by local film makers Ho Choon Hiong and Martyn See respectively. Ho had submitted his six films to the BFC for classification on 30 April 2008.

Rating of Ho Choon Hiong’s six films:

1. Human Rights Torch Relay (M18 ratings)

2. Burmese Says No (NC16 ratings)

3. NUS international students vigil walk (PG ratings)

4. Singaporean started 5 days fasting against ISA on Hindraf 5 (PG ratings)

5. Burmese staged peaceful demonstration in Singapore (PG ratings)

6. Morning May Day Montage (PG ratings)

Martyn See has his short film on elderly poor, Nation Builders, rated as NC16. In April this year, another film by Martyn See, Speakers Cornered, was also passed with a NC-16 rating. Martyn See’s two earlier films, Singapore Rebel and Zahari 17 years, were banned for “being political” and “against public interests” respectively,

For more detailed information on Martyn See’s & Ho Choon Hiong’s films, please go to:

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