Mr Jeyaretnam will not want us to remain silent

Singapore Democrats

The SDP is deeply saddened by Mr J B Jeyaretnam’s death. As we attended the wake and saw the body that lay serene and dignified, we are reminded of his courage and determination. We salute Mr Jeyaretnam and his life.

He had endured the cruel treatment of his enemies and continued to stand firm against those who would persecute him. The repeated defamation suits could not deter him from speaking up for Singaporeans. His principled stand never endeared him to his rulers.

From his early battles at Anson to his twilight years where he stood outside shopping centres, at train stations and below office buildings to hawk his books exhorting passers-by to make it right by Singapore, he has always done right by Singapore.

Today he lays still and his voice is silent. But Mr Jeyaretnam will not want us to remain silent. He wants us to continue to speak up against what is wrong about the system and to continue to work for what he lived for — a democratic Singapore.

We, the Singapore Democrats, will honour the memory of a great patriot by continuing to raise our voices for justice and to do right by Singapore.

We bid Mr Jeyaretnam a final farewell but his voice remains with us.

Gandhi Ambalam
Singapore Democratic Party

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