Friends of SDP

Singapore Democrats

A group of SDP’s supporters have banded together to start a network called Friends of SDP, or FS for short. The group will start off by creating a Facebook page to bring together Singaporeans who support democracy and what the Singapore Democrats are trying to achieve.

The network describes itself as people who “are tired of the fake democracy espoused by the PAP and wish to impact our society in a way that will bring democratic changes.”

Spearheading the effort is Ms Jaslyn Go who has been actively supporting the Singapore Democrats in our endeavour to reform our political system.

“The aim of the network is to gather as many Friends of SDP as possible,” Ms Go said, “so that we can keep Singaporeans informed of the nonsense that the Government is dishing out.”

Ms Go adds that the page will also be a great way to get people together for social events as well as to alert Friends to political activities of the SDP and that of other pro-democracy groups. FS can also engage in discussions and chats, share articles, photos, videos as well as organise events.

“We can even share jokes and personal stories,” Ms Go says. “Who says politics need to be so serious and humourless all the time.”

To become a Friend, first create a personal account by signing up at here. After you’ve registered your account, go to the FS Facebook page here and click on “Join Group”.

“Then come in and make this page come alive,” Ms Go encourages. “Let’s get to know one another so that we can make democracy a reality in Singapore. Remember, your ignorance is their strength!”

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