Come and support the activists during the trial

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats salute all Tak Boleh Tahan! activists who put themselves in the frontline and proudly stood up for Singapore on 15 Mar this year.

When our fellow citizens’ plights are completely ignored by the PAP government, or simply brushed aside, some measures need to be taken in order to bring the ruling elite’s attention to the real problems faced by ordinary Singaporeans.

As people around the world are affected by inflation, we see citizens around the world calling for their respective governments to reduce prices for essential goods. But in Singapore we are voiceless.

Be it the DBS minibonds debacle or the increase in electricity rates by 22 percent or the unsustainable influx of foreign workers, we Singaporeans have no say in our own country. This is because we have been denied our rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.

Repeatedly, Singaporeans are told by the PAP government that they are not qualified to criticise its policies if they are not politicians. Otherwise, they should challenge it through the elections under the rules set by the PAP. for the PAP.

But this is beginning to change. On World Consumers Rights Day this year, the Tak Boleh Tahan! activists found a voice in themselves by gathering in front of the Parliament House to highlight the rapacious policies of the Government. These 18 peaceful protesters will now face a trial for illegal assembly on Thursday.

We are proud of being able to come together to defend and push for the rights of our fellow citizens, for without these rights we are at the mercy of the PAP. We know that we are guided by the truth and righteousness.

This is our country, our only home. We grew up with the sights and sounds and smells, and we want to make our home the best that it can be, not just in the pursuit of materialism which in the end brings only a numbing sense of emptiness, but also a quality of life filled with purpose and value.

There are many who continue to criticise and mock what we do. Let them. We know what we stand for and we know that we shall one day overcome this persecution.

In times such as these, we urge our fellow Singaporeans to show your support to the activists. Democracy should not just be the cause of the few, but the noble effort of all who care and love Singapore.

Put away your fears. Make time for your fellow citizens who have been courageous enough not just to complain but actually do something for our rights and freedom. Let them know that you care and want to support what they do.

This is no time to look away. Please make your way down to Subordinate Court No. 5 at 9:30 am on 23 Oct 08, Thursday and let them know, “I’m here with you.”

We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was ‘legal’ and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was ‘illegal’. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

The TBT 18:

1. Gandhi Ambalam


2. Chia Ti Lik

3. Chong Kai Xiong

4. Jeffrey George

5. Jaslyn Go

6. Chee Siok Chin

7. Govindan Rajan

8. Chee Soon Juan

9. Jufrie Mahmood



10. Jufri Salim

11. Surayah Akbar

12. Ng E-Jay

13. Seelan Palay

14. Shaffie

15. Carl Lang

16. John Tan

17. Francis Yong

18. Sylvester Lim

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