Indonesia suspects stolen money goes to Singapore

The Jakarta Post

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has suspected that some part of the stolen money at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights has flowed to an account in a bank in Singapore.

The AGO’s assistant attorney general for special crimes Marwan Effendi said Monday that the money was part of the 90 percent of the embezzled fund received by PT Sarana Rekatama Dinamika (SRD), the ministry’s business partner in providing the IT service to operate website

“The money has been transferred from Bank Danamon to an account in a Singapore-based bank.  We will investigate the account’s owner and all recipients of the money,” he told after the Islamic Day of Sacrifice praying here.

He said that the money had also been kept as a deposit in Danamon Bank, with some other fund was at the state-owned Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) in Tebet branch of South Jakarta.

“We will ask for further clarifications from the company’s director Yohannes Woworuntu on the misused funds,” he said.

The case centers on the embezzlement of access fees acquired from a legal administration website run by the ministry’s directorate general of legal administration.

Instead of going to the state coffers, 90 percent of the payments went to the SRD, while the remaining 10 percent was received by the directorate’s officials. The AGO has predicted that the state can suffer up to Rp 400 billion (US$33 million) due to the case.

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