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Dear readers,

Thank you for your continuing to visit this website and making us part of your online reading. Many of you have been posting your comments on the articles, some of which have been very insightful and well-written. In fact, there have been a few whose ideas we have been able to use. But we have also noticed that because of the way the system is set up, posters can use each others’ “pen name”. This creates a bit of a confusion as readers can well appreciate.

In order to avoid this, we are introducing registration for the comments section. That is, if you wish to post a comment, please click here and register yourself. This way your online identity (on this website at least) is unique and will not be confused with other posters.

After you have registered, enter your name and password on the right to login and post your comments.

We hope that you will continue to participate in this website and encourage your family and friends to visit us. Thank you.


Upon submitting, you will receive an email to which you must respond in order to complete the registration process. Because this email is automatically created, depending on your email filter, sometimes it may end up in your spam box. So, do check there if you can’t find it in your inbox.

If you have problems registering your account, please write to

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