Democracy Dogs and Freedom Fries

Singapore Democrats

Fancy chowing down some Democracy Dogs with Freedom Fries on the side? And how about washing it all down with Justice Juice? That’s exactly what is going to be served during the Hong Lim Park Countdown on New Year’s Even at Speakers’ Corner.

Starting at 6 pm we’ll get a BBQ going to get the hotdogs ready for everyone on a first-come-first-served basis. Tickets? What tickets? All you need is an empty stomach and a ready voice for the sing-along after the grub.

We’ve also lined up a couple of speakers to honour the memory of the late J B Jeyaretnam as well as to talk about what lies ahead for Singapore in 2009. We’re also inviting you to help us construct a candlelight display to signal our desire for a free Singapore. And while you’re doing this why not post a message on our Wishes for 2009 board?

Come midnight, we’ll be passing out glowing light-sticks while we sing and usher in the New Year. Bring along your torchlights and add to the atmosphere.

In addition, Dr Chee Soon Juan’s latest book A Nation Cheated and other publications will be on sale. Tak Boleh Tahan and democracy t-shirts will also be available.

So instead of going to some hotel and blowing a hole in your wallet on celebrations, why not join us at Hong Lim Park for a meaningful evening. It will be a time of reflection of the past and rejuvenation of our will for the future.

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