Support of Singapore’s democratic movement


I have just seen a video of those who were arrested for exercising their right for free speech in a democratic country that is Singapore. The more I analyse the situation, the more disillusioned I get at the thought of just how backwards the government really is.

I commend the government for not supporting Burma’s brutal regime, but I do feel that it should practice what it preaches about democracy.

Anything else would be hypocrisy.I am in full support of Singapore’s democratic movement despite me being an Australian citizen, originally from Malaysia. I understand that Malaysia too has issues of its own and very much interested in local and international politics.

The truth is something that is perceived as something so hard to do, yet is probably the easiest to accomplish. The trouble is the baggage and accountability that comes with it.

Those are my views and I hope that the South East Asian region will one day be united in fostering true democratic processes.

Please keep up the good work. I hope to hear good news in the future.


SDP’s Reply:

Thank you for the kind words and the interest you show. Knowing that people care means a lot to us.

Unfortunately, freedom isn’t free. It is usually bought with a high price. We update our website, with few exceptions, on a daily basis. Do continue to visit it for updates.

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