Tell everyone about the Hong Lim Park Countdown

Singapore Democrats

If you’re coming to Speakers’ Corner on New Year’s Eve to join us for the countdown, bring along your family and friends. Email and SMS those you know and tell them about the event.

The evening promises to be meaningfully enjoyable. We will be paying a tribute to the late J B Jeyaretnam and singing songs in memory of him. As 2008 passes into history, we will sing Auld Lang Syne to remember JBJ and all that he has done for Singapore.

Starting at 6 pm we will be serving a simple dinner of hotdogs and chips. Don’t worry about condiments, there’ll plenty of ketchup, chilli sauce and mustard. Drinks will be available too.

We’ll have a few people speaking through the night. Messrs Jufrie Mahmood, Chia Ti Lik and Tan Kin Lian will be among some of the speakers.

Interspersed with the addresses will be songs. Fancy singing We Are The World? What about Stand By Me? Or Bob Dylan’s Blowing In The Wind ? There’ll even be poetry reading; Singapore Literature Prize winner, Mr Ng Yi-Sheng, will be on hand to do a poetry recital.

And to top it off, we’ll be putting up a candle light display and we need all the help we can get.

We’ll have clappers and light sticks for the countdown. Bring along your torchlights to add to the effect. A mat or groundsheet would be a good idea too.

So come and be a part of this historic event. When was the last time you spent New Year’s Eve remembering a legend, posting your most heartfelt wish for 2009, and singing freedom songs?

Spend the evening with friends and fellow citizens who care about justice and democracy for our country. Rather than getting drunk and dancing to nothing in particular, make Wednesday evening a truly meaningful one.

If you play guitar or other musical instruments, it’s not too late to join us, please email us at:

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