The future depends on us

The public forum to be held this Saturday involves the various opposition parties and civil soecity. But it also involves you, the Singaporean. This is the first time that so many representatives of opposition parties and civil society are participating in a discussion on the future of politics in Singapore. We hope that it will not be the last.

If you have any views that you want to convey to the opposition, or you have ideas that you think might be of assistance, or you want to become involved in the process of democratising this country, then this forum is the opportune event.
The discussion comes at a time when Parliament is in the thick of debating the Budget. But as usual, the PAP Government has already made up its mind what it wants to do and there is nothing the people can do to affect the outcome.

At times like these, it must dawn on everyone that without a strong opposition the PAP will continue to do as it pleases, when it pleases.

The more we get together and the more channels of communication we open up with each other, the more effective we can be in resisting the hegemony of the PAP.

So come, bring along your voice and your ideas and help contribute towards the democratisation process.

Encourage your family and friends to come along. Building up the democratic process is not just the opposition’s job, it is the responsibility of all Singaporeans, men and women, young and old. Remember, the future depends on us.

Title: Opposition – Where To?
Date: 7 Feb 09, Saturday
Time: 2 to 5 pm
Place: Copthorne Orchid Hotel, Dunearn Road, Aerides Room
(in the adjoining block to the main building)


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