Let’s make a difference together

Singapore Democrats

Have you been retrenched? Are you having problems finding another job?

In this current economic climate, there is a high possibility that your answers to these questions would be yes. If so, the Singapore Democrats understand your difficulties and would like to help.

A well-written resume is the first step to getting hired. A quality resume will let you stand out from other applicants and increase your chances of landing the job.

If you require assistance in crafting a resume that represents you well, write to us at speakup@yoursdp.org and we will arrange for one of our members or volunteers to work with you, free of charge, on how to improve your resume and present yourself better during the interview.

In this time of great uncertainty, the SDP will do our part to help our fellow citizens in whatever way we can, however limited our resources may be. Friends of SDP (FS) have also stepped forward to help out in this exercise.

So if you’re in need of such assistance please email us. Alternatively, if you know of others who may benefit from this free service, please help us to pass this message to them. This is our way of showing that we care.

Together, let’s make a difference.

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