What we stand for

I. Party Objects:

1. To eliminate all forms of authoritarianism; to uphold democratic principles and institutionalize democratic practices.

2. To build an economically stable and progressive nation based on the free market system where private entrepreneurship is encouraged and direct Government participation in business is minimized.

3. To foster a vibrant and dynamic society based on pluralism and diversity; to replace elitism with free competition and equal opportunity for all Singaporeans especially in the area of education; to remove all policies that discriminate against the less fortunate, women and minorities; to do away with excessive regulation that stifles innovation, creativity, and adventurism.

4. To restore a proper system of checks-and-balance in the polity and to ensure the independence of the judiciary; to encourage Singaporeans to participate in the nation’s political process; to respect human, civil, and political rights of Singaporeans; to achieve a free-flow of information in the society.

II Our Pledge:

“We, the members of the Singapore Democratic Party, pledge to bear true faith and allegiance to the Republic of Singapore, and to remain loyal to the creed of the Party by protecting and defending our nation’s interests in pursuit of democracy, justice, and equal opportunity for all Singaporeans.”

III. Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a Singapore that takes care of all her sons and daughters, young and old. Our nation must be one where the people are free and bold, with a strong sense of achievement tempered by an equally fierce regard for compassion and justice.

As a nation, we must not only show tolerance but also acceptance of our fellow citizens regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or political persuasion. Discrimination of our fellow human beings has been one human frailty that has wreaked much destruction and misery.

The Singapore Democrats will endeavour to build our vision and, in doing so, turn our nation into a beacon of hope for one and all. Our manifesto below spells out clearly the alternative policies for our country:

  • Establishing a free and democratic political system.
  • Building a free market economy driven by the people, not the Government.
  • Developing a more equitable distribution of income and wealth.
  • Ensuring that the CPF system returns the savings to the people.
  • Freeing the media.
  • Reforming the education system.
  • Fostering a caring and pluralistic society.

IV. SDP – Competent. Constructive. Compassionate.

The Singapore Democrats have a set of Cs we aspire to – competence, constructiveness, and compassion. These are the qualities we have been working to build up the SDP as an opposition party that will be speaking up and fighting on your behalf. It is also a message of a clear alternative vision. The SDP is your voice.


  1. 废除各种独裁主义,秉持民主原则,使民主操守制度化。
  2. 以自由市场的系统为本,鼓励私人企业的成立与经营,将政府直接经商的行为降到最低点,以建立经济稳定、追求进步的国家。
  3. 以多元化和求同存异为本,打造一个朝气蓬勃的社会;以自由竞争取代精英以多元化和求同存异为本,打造一个朝气蓬勃的社会;以自由竞争取代精英;废除所有排斥弱势群体、妇女和少数民族的政策;杜绝所有压制创意思维;废除所有排斥弱势群体、妇女和少数民族的政策;杜绝所有压制创意思维
  4. 使国家组织的制衡系统恢复正确的运作,确保独立的司法制度;鼓励新加坡人参与国家的政治转变过程;尊重新加坡人的人权、民权和政权;塑造资讯自由流通的社会。






  • 成立一个自由民主的政治系统
  • 建立一个以人民推动而非由政府主宰的自由市场经济体
  • 更平均分配收入与财富
  • 确保人民重获公积金储蓄
  • 开放媒体
  • 改造教育系统
  • 培育一个关怀他人的多元化社会

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