10 reasons why you should join the Young Democrats

1. The SDP is the first opposition party in Singapore with a youth wing.
This shows the Singapore Democrats’ commitment towards the ideas and aspirations of youths in Singapore. As an opposition party, SDP has been consistent in its message towards Singaporeans, that is, we need to build a democratic Singapore—an endeavour that is enshrined in our pledge, national anthem, and one that is embedded in our national flag and Merlion symbol.

2. The Young Democrat hold regular activities and meetingsThese events, together with participation in regional and international level workshops and seminars, not only promote understanding of human rights and democracy, but also equip members with the tools and expertise to become experienced politicians and activists.

3. The Young Democrats is a vehicle to express your opinions without constraints. We do not practise self-censorship. Unlike joining PAP or youth consultation exercises, which are adhoc and limited by agenda set at the top level, one is allowed to bring up ANY ideas or suggestions in Young Democrats. We work from the bottom up unlike the establishment sector.

4. Not only are we open to ideas, we do not discriminate. We encourage youths, of any educational level, race, religion, sexual persuasion to join us because we believe in equality and that everyone in Singapore has the right to democracy and human rights.

5. Joining the Opposition is the only way to be heard and taken seriously. When one expresses his or her controversial opinion through officially sanctioned channels, there is a chance that it might be drowned out by majority voices or simply eliminated by the authorities as “too daring” or “not the right time”. In the Young Democrats, your views on national policies, however controversial, is appreciated.

6.The Young Democrats is run by youths and for youthsWe do not need to report to any MPs. As such, we do not need to worry about offending anyone higher up the hierarchy. We express our opinions openly. As a youth group, we are dedicated to addressing political issues from a youth’s point of view.

7. The Young Democrats is THE true liberal and progressive reformers of Singapore. We believe that Singapore can become a full-fledge liberal democracy. No other opposition party has claimed that as their platform. Not only are we activists with a liberal and progressive agenda, we also believe in educating young Singaporeans on the benefits of a democracy.

8. Young Democrats act as an important voice in challenging the status quo. How do you do that if you are part of the establishment?

9. The Young Democrats is a democratic organization. We practise democracy within the organization. We practise what we preach.

10. We do not discuss if bar-top dancing or bungee-jumping should be allowed. We do not discuss about extending bars and club’s operating hours. We discuss about national, regional and international issues that affects our livelihood and happiness. We are a political group foremost. We believe that politics can benefit Singaporeans.