Letter from a young reader

Singapore Democrats

Dear Singapore Democrats who are still fighting out there for the freedom which all Singaporeans deserve,

I would like to thank Dr Chee Soon Juan and his gallant associates for fighting so courageously in a bid for more freedom in terms of speech. As a 15-year-old student, I feel sad to say that I am by no means able to support your cause with money, but I would like to express my gratitude – which comes from the very pit of my heart, for at least, trying to do so much for change in our country.

If it helps to let you hear, I would definitely vote for your party in my constituency when I am of age to vote.

Your political views and ideals have motivated me to seek change in the environment I am living in – within my school which I seek to provide suggestions as and when I can. We, the young of Singapore, have been educated not only to accept the rules and regulations of a place, but also to constantly seek change and accept challenges. I sincerely laud and revere your effort in doing so.

We live in a place with harsh laws and strict regulations, which would never come down slack on seditious comments or dissent. However, you have gone on to pursue what you and your comrades feel is worthy of Singapore – that we deserve Freedom.

I know I may sound meretricious to be speaking of your ideals and having freedom at only 15, but whether or not I understand your ideals or political views does not matter so much because it is your gallant spirit and willingness to sacrifice which puts me in a position to be typing this email. I believe that there are many other people who may be in favour of your idealism, but are simply afraid of speaking out, because I did have my qualms even when typing this email letter.

I hope that you and your party will hang on in the tenacious fight for what you believe in, because there will always be people like me who are in the support of your actions.

Dr Chee, to be so giving as be forgo the comforts of life someone like you could afford given your educational background is indeed a worthy sacrifice to take dear note of. I wish you all the best in your endeavours, and that may your legacy be fulfilled.

Yours faithfully,
A 15-year-old student of Anglican High School


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