Chee replies to Today

Singapore Democrats

Dr Chee Soon Juan sent a reply to Mr Loh Chee Kong’s article A Politician Who Hates Politics where the Today reporter wrote about MP for Potong Pasir Mr Chiam See Tong’s split with the SDP. Dr Chee emailed Mr Loh the reply yesterday.

Dr Chee then sent another email today to remnd Mr Loh of the letter to which the reporter replied that he had already forwarded it to his editors.

In the exchange between Mr Chiam and Mr Loh over the controversial interview that the Potong Pasir MP gave to Today, Mr Loh had asked the Singapore Democrats to publish his response to Mr Chiam. The SDP obliged and posted Mr Loh’s email to Mr Chiam in full. Now let’s see if Today will publish Dr Chee’s reply to Mr Loh’s report in full.

We will keep readers updated on the editors’ decision on whether they will publish Dr Chee’s letter or not. We will post Dr Chee’s letter after Today makes its decision. Watch this space.

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