Groundwork continues in Bishan-Toa Payoh

Singapore Democrats

Continuing with the ground preparation for the coming general elections, the Singapore Democrats visited the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC to distribute flyers and to get to know residents there.

The party has been repeatedly going to the housing estate to spread the message of the need for an opposition especially in light of recent economic and political developments.

Going around the coffee-shops, the SDP leaders and its supporters chatted with the people and alerted them to the impending elections that the PAP looks likely to call soon. The area has not participated in an election for decades.

Many voters seemed familiar with the party as we have been visiting the area in recent years. An elderly citizen who was sitting with a group of friends in a pavilion brought up the subject of the ministers’ salaries. He was visibly upset about the lack of income for senior citizens while the ministers were so lavish with their own salaries.

The subject of the ministers’ pay crop up almost everywhere we visit. It is the one sore point that Singaporeans cannot ignore but are afraid to openly speak out against.

We continue to call for supporters and helpers to come forward to help with the effort to keep the Singapore Democrats and our message moving forward so that the public know what we are about and what we envision for this country.

Up against a state media that is hostile to what we are doing, we are relying mainly on the Internet to disseminate daily news and information to the electorate.

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