From strength to democratic strength

Singapore Democrats

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This one says it all – a party brimming with confidence and, more importantly, growing in number.

And if one takes into consideration the fact that the Singapore Democrats have been at the receiving end of the PAP’s lawsuits, prosecutions and negative media, the expansion of the SDP family, members and friends, is all the more remarkable.

We can confidently say that the expansion is due to the fact that ours is not a party of opportunism and individual interests. Our platform is one firmly grounded on the wisdom of democracy and justice – social, political, and economic justice. It is this principled fight that has attracted many.

Expansion, of course, is not enough. The real test is what we do with our increased numbers.

With newcomers, come new skills. And with new skills, come new capability – the capability to reach out to even more Singaporeans, both online and off.

Our current activities would not have been possible just a few years ago. We have, among other things,

  • put out a revamped and more powerful website,
  • added Chinese, Malay, and Tamil sections,
  • enhanced our communication through a stream of video presentations,
  • rejuvenated our youth wing,
  • increased the number of Women Democrats,
  • and, most importantly, continued to propose alternative policies.

These developments have been possible only because of the enhanced capability of the SDP stemming from our expanded ranks.

We even have a group of activists who have set up the Friends of SDP to network with Singaporeans on a more casual basis. We get together during our monthly pow-wow at various locations in Singapore.

We recently visited an old folks’ home which we intend to continue to do on a regular basis.  

We are re-starting the sale of our flagship publication, The New Democrat.

No one individual, or even a group of individuals, can do all the above in such a short span and with such limited resources. Such effort requires competent and effective administration. Without a functioning organisation, one that is alive, responsive and constantly on the move, none of the above would be possible.

We not only fight hard politically, but we are also developing the party to become an efficient and innovative administrator. We do all this with one and one objective in mind – to become an alternative to the PAP and, in due course, the government.

We are on the right track.

What we need now is support from you, Singaporeans who are following us on the Internet. We need more expertise, skills, and funds to add to the momentum of our expansion. We need to hone our competence and efficiency to an even sharper level and expand our capability to even greater heights.

For this to happen, your participation is vital. This is especially relevant for the Singapore Democrats because the PAP-controlled media are blacking out news about us. 

The next elections is around the corner. Now is the time to step forward, now is the time to get involved. With your active involvement, we can build the democracy that we yearn for and ensure prosperity for all.

As we push forward to fulfill our dream of a democratic Singapore, give us more than just your hearts and minds. Lend us your skills, contribute your time, and make your donations (please click here).

Come, join the growing family. Contact us now: and together let us bring pride back to our country and feel again what it truly means to be called a Singaporean.

Chee Soon Juan

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