Myanmar national alleges Singapore prison beating


Singapore police is investigating a report by a Myanmar national that he was beaten up in a local prison, the Straits Times reported Thursday. Hong Guo, who served one year in Changi Prison and received cane strokes for slashing a taxi driver, was hospitalized with a head injury that required surgery to remove part of his skull last November.

The 24-year old hospitality student was declared fit for travel by the hospital surgeon before being repatriated last week, but Guo lodged a report of prison beating before he was sent home.

The report said Guo behaved in a bizarre fashion when behind bars, eating soap and toothpaste and claiming to see ghosts. He also claimed to have heard voices and having suicidal thoughts and occasionally became violent.

A psychiatrist examined Guo and found him to be of “mild to moderate depressive disorder” but not of unsound mind.

Once home in Mandalay, Guo told his family that he was beaten up by Changi prison staff. Singapore’s Home Affairs Ministry said the case was being investigated.,myanmar-national-alleges-singapore-prison-beating.html

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