Website rejig

Dear readers,

As you can see, we have modified the front page of this website. We have streamlined it in order to make the presentation even more user friendly and easy on the eye. This is part of our effort to stay on top of the new technology as it develops.

In the coming weeks and months we will be introducing new features on this site and we need to make modifications in order to accommodate these changes while maintaining the basic layout.

In this first step, we have separated our posts into two sections: Top Stories and Other News. The former will occupy the top banner and will comprise our main stories whilst the latter, consisting mainly of news reports, will be posted in the double column immediately below.

This will allow us to update the website more frequently even though it is already updated on a daily basis.

Since we revamped our website to the present format in June last year, our readership has increased three-fold. While we are encouraged by the expansion of our following, we are well aware that there is still much to do to reach out to even more Singaporeans.

We hope to do this by constantly improving on our capacity and effectiveness both on- and off-line. In cyberspace, apart from this website, we will use other tools such as Twitter, Digg, and Facebook to cast our net even further.

But the fastest way we can reach out to our fellow citizens is through you, our readers. Please alert your family and friends to this website so that they can stay informed by reading news that the state press will not publish as well as keeping abreast of alternative views put forth by the Singapore Democrats.

Remember, information is knowledge and knowledge is power.

There will be exciting things happening here and we want you to be part of it. We thank you for visiting with us and we look forward to your continued support. Together, let’s change Singapore for the better.

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