Son of Singapore’s late opposition icon enters politics


Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Kenneth Jeyaretnam

A son of Singapore’s late opposition icon J B Jeyaretnam said today he had joined his father’s pro-democracy party and may run for parliament in the next general elections.

British-trained economist Kenneth Jeyaretnam, 50, told AFP he had been approached to join other parties but decided going with the Reform Party was the right thing to do.

“This is examining my conscience. I should go with the Reform Party because it was set up by my father,” Jeyaretnam said.

“I want to honour what he stood for, everything that he said, but I will be my own man,”he said.

Jeyaretnam’s father, who died in September last year from a heart attack aged 82, suffered jail stints and libel suits in his lonely battle for greater political freedom in the wealthy city-state.

“My message to Singaporeans out there is don’t be afraid,”said Jeyaretnam.

“I want to show that competition is vital in politics as it is in business, so it’s not to be feared but to be embraced,”he said.

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