It is now four languages

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats celebrate our multi-ethnic make-up as we proudly announce the launch of our Chinese, Malay and Tamil sections of our website.

The multi-lingual setup is yet another initiative to enhance the effectiveness of this portal and to expand our reach to Singaporeans. We will continue to develop the capability and power of our programme in cyberspace.

Such expansion is possible because our members and activists feel the passion for what we are doing. The fire in their bellies to promote the cause of freedom and justice in our nation is what drives the party forward.

They ask not “What’s in it for us” but rather “What’s in it for the future of Singapore”.

Our ranks have grown over the last couple of years especially with the younger generation of Singaporeans. Together with this expansion came expertise and skills that the party needs but has hitherto not possessed.

And it is these skills that have enabled the Singapore Democrats and this website to grow.

This occurred because we have articulated our goals and policies in a clear and forthright manner. We have not shied away from taking a stand on the various issues that affect our society, unpopular ones included. We have also been at the forefront of Singapore’s politics even during non-election years, working for reform and coming up with constructive ideas.

Singaporeans see this and many have stepped forward to become part of the SDP family.

But we are acutely aware that we need to do even more and to do it more proficiently. This website is but one example. In spite of the several measures we have taken, we will be launching even more initiatives in the coming weeks and months to enhance the site.

We invite you to be actively involved in the process. With you and your support the SDP will grow even faster to make democracy become a reality in Singapore.

For a start please forward this message to your family and friends, especially those who read the three languages that we have put up. We will endeavour to update these sections on a fortnightly basis. Those of you who can help us translate material, please email us at

We pledge to continue to fight off forces that conspire so cursedly to extinguish the flame of democracy. Won’t you come and help us not just to keep the flame alive but make it burn ever brighter for all Singaporeans.

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