Seelan Palay under investigation for One Nation under Lee

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Mr Seelan Palay, maker of One Nation Under Lee (ONUL), was called up yesterday for questioning by the police. The 24 year-old Singaporean filmmaker had produced the 40-minute video narrating the rule of Singapore by Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The film was screened at a private function last year at the Peninsular-Excelsior Hotel when the police and Media Development Authority officials barged in and seized the video. Since then ONUL has been making its rounds on YouTube attracting tens of thousands of views.
Below is the police interview as provided by Mr Seelan: 


Police investigation regarding my film One Nation Under Lee

Introductory question (Q): What do you know about the facts of the case? (Posed to me as “Tell me about yourself” by the officer but strangely printed as “What do you know about the facts of the case?” in the version I was to sign at the end.)
Answer (A): I am an artist.

Q1: Can you remember where you were on 17 May 2008 at about 2pm?
A1: I cannot recall.

Q2: I am now informing you that the investigation into this offence is of the incident that happened at Excelsior Hotel on 17 May 2008. Do you recall this incident?
A2: I do not recall it as an offence.

Q3: Can you explain why you were at the Excelsior Hotel on 17 may 2008?
A3: I remember that I was at the Excelsior Hotel on that date to attend a private event.

Q4: Are you aware of a film that was screened on this date at Tulip Room at Excelsior Hotel?
A4: Yes.

Q5: Were you in the Tulip Room when this film was screened?
A5: Yes.

Q6: What was this film all about?
A6: That is a private matter.

Q7: Who is the one who is in charge of this event?
A7: It was a private event so that is none of anyone’s concern.

Q8: Do you know who brought the film to the Tulip Room on 17 May 2008?
A8: That is a private matter.

Q9: Do you know who prepared this film?
A9: That is a private matter.

Q10: How long was this film screened?
A10: I cannot recall.

Q11: Can you remember what happened after the film was screened?
A11: Some uninvited guests entered the room.

Q12: Do you know who these uninvited guests were?
A12: I cannot recall.

Q13: Can you explain what happened after the film ended?
A13: The uninvited guests asked for the DVD of the film. The DVD was given to them.

Q14: How many copies were there in the room?
A14: I do not know.

Q15: Who handed over the DVD to the uninvited guests?
A15: I cannot recall.

Q16: What is your role in this private event?
A16: That is a private matter.

Q17: Who was operating the systems when the film was screened?
A17: That is a private matter.

Q18: Were you at Jalan Gelenggang on 16 May, one night before the incident?
A18: I cannot recall.

Q19: I’m going to show you a document, can you tell me if you have seen this document before? (Officer then shows me a letter from MDA apparently sent the night before the event with a warning not to screen the film. Films Act sections were quoted in the letter.)
A19: I cannot recall.

Q20: The officers who served this letter at No.2A Jalan Gelenggang claim that you were the one who received the letter. What have you got to say about this?
A20: Did they identify themselves as police officers? If they claim it was me, did they ask for my name or IC?

Q21: Did you remove the DVD from the player and hand it over to Madam —? (Name undisclosed for the purposes of this post.)
A21: That is a private matter.

Q22: Do you have anything else to add?
A22: The uninvited guests should be investigated for barging in to and disrupting a private event.

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