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We hope you enjoyed viewing our video presentation. It’s a simple introduction of what the Singapore Democrats have been doing in months past and the values that we adhere to in our fight for the people of Singapore.

(If you have problems viewing the presentation, be sure that you have enabled JavaScript in your browser or click here to view it directly. Flash Player is required.)

This is another demonstration of our effort to communicate more effectively with our fellow citizens.

It is possible only because of Singaporeans answering the SDP’s call to come forward and contribute their talent. In the past such a project, modest as it is, was not possible because of the lack of Singaporeans committing their time and skills.

In the recent past, however, we have witnessed more and more young people responding to our message and supporting the cause of democracy. This is because the Internet has allowed us a means of communicating with the wider public.

We fully intend to expand on this capability.

To this end, the use of the new media and its attendant technologies must be constantly reviewed and improved. For this to happen we need more help as well as helpers.

We need money to upgrade our services and to pay for costs and expenses. We need hands and legs for logistical support. And we need creative minds to devise new and innovate ways to boost our communication capabilities.

Please help. In whatever way you can, contribute to the cause of an open and democratic Singapore.

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