SDP writes to PAP for online debate

Singapore Democrats

Readers will recall that Mr George Yeo had suggested to Dr Chee Soon Juan to write to the PAP if the Singapore Democrats wished to debate the ruling party on national issues.

Today the SDP secretary-general took up Mr Yeo’s suggestion. In an email to Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Dr Chee said that since the PAP wanted to be more active on the Internet, it is important that there be a national debate online. 


17 August 2009

Mr Lee Hsien Loong
People’s Action Party

Dear Mr Lee,

You may know that Mr George Yeo and I have been corresponding on Facebook over the last several days. I had asked him for an online debate between our two parties. Mr Yeo declined and said that I should write to the PAP instead.

Your party has indicated that it would like to be more active in engaging Singaporeans online. The Internet, being the medium that it is, is a little different from the mass media in that it is more interactive. In other words political parties cannot hope to simply talk to and talk at the people, dialogue and exchange of views and opinions are essential features. 

This being the case, I would like to invite you and your party to an online debate on the key issues that Singaporeans are concerned with. I am sure you will agree that as the Internet plays an increasingly greater role in disseminating news, it gets harder and harder to avoid political debates in cyberspace.

If you are agreeable to a debate, I would like to suggest that we discuss the format and topics to be covered.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democratic Party

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