Govt continues to evade revealing ministers’ pay

Singapore Democrats

Readers will recall that in the recent exchange with Foreign Minister George Yeo, Dr Chee Soon Juan wanted to know how much the minister and his colleagues were paid.

Mr Yeo side-stepped the question and would only say that the information was in the “public domain”. He asked Dr Chee to email a KOH_YI-HUAK@PSD.GOV.SG at the Public Service Division of the Prime Minister’s Office. Dr Chee did that but got the same evasive response.


13 August 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was referred to you by Minister George Yeo. I would be grateful if you could provide me with the list of salaries of our cabinet ministers (not the salary scales but exact salaries).

Also Mr Yeo says that the salary range includes a discretionary component decided by the PM which is confidential. Can you refer me to any public statement that the Government has put out (press release, publication, reports) on this matter?

Thank you.

Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democratic Party


17 August 2009

Dear Dr Chee,

Thank you for your interest in ministerial salaries.

Information on ministerial salaries is in the public domain. The information can be found online at the website of the Parliament of Singapore (see  Press releases on ministerial salaries are also available at the website of the Public Service Division (see

Thank you.

Communications & International Relations Department
Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office


17 August 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your reply.

I know that information on ministerial salaries is in the public domain, Minister George Yeo told me that. I am not looking for information on ministerial salaries or the formula for their salary ranges/scales which the websites you referred indicate. I am looking for the actual salaries of each cabinet minister.

In other words, I would like a list of all the cabinet ministers starting with the prime minister and the actual amounts that each of them were paid in salaries. This should be the total amount they were paid including all the bonuses and allowances they derive from their holding their offices.

A breakdown of the various components would be helpful. It would be good if the list could cover the last 10 years.

Thank you. By the way, with whom am I corresponding?

Chee Soon Juan


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